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Enchanting notes from Burberry

Burberry is an iconic British fashion brand, widely shopped and preferred in Saudi Arabia. Over the years they have launched more than 70 fragrances for men and women, created by some of the biggest names in the perfume industry. You are spoilt for choice between intense, subtle, hypnotic and sublim...
MARAMII Saturday 20 April, 2019
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Beauty Basics by Maramii

Many women believe that to look gorgeous, you need heaps of products and hours of practice. But that’s sort of a myth. We believe that a few good products or basics as we call them, always do the trick. If you have done your research and feel that it’s all a tad bit confusing, then worry not. We hav...
MARAMII Saturday 20 April, 2019
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Hello Gorgeous! The beauty universe has a lot in store. Hence we have created M-Beauty to keep you abreast with all that’s happening in terms of grooming, application, trends, trivia and lots more. Not just that, you’ll also be able to get updates on the hottest beauty products, from high end to bu...
MARAMII Saturday 20 April, 2019
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